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Dates for the next 7 days

 Fr 12.02.2016
Friday Club - Singleparty

from 10 pm  // admission free till midnight - admission after midnight: 6,- €
Happy Hour till 11 pm

1st Floor: Wave, 80s, New Romantic, Gothic with DJ Lord Noire
2nd Floor: 80´s + 90´s, Popular Classix, All Time Favourites
3rd Floor: Rock + Metal with DJ Hunger

 Fr 12.02.2016
Electronic Heart Attack Warm Up Party

Doors: 10 pm // admission free until midnight - admission after midnight: 6,-€

Halle: EBM Electro Synth + Futurepop with DJ Sascha

 Sa 13.02.2016
Break Your Neck Party

from 11 pm //admission free till midnight - admission after midnight: 6,- €

1st Floor: Rock, Alternative, Crossoever with DJ Eric Jr.
2nd Floor: Hardcore, New Metal, Metalcore with DJ Iggy Nop
3rd Floor: Hard&Heavy Classics, Thrash & Death Metal with DJ Schmolli l Berlin

 Sa 13.02.2016

 So 14.02.2016
18:30 Uhr - 23,00 EUR - VVK: 20,50 EUR
Tickets are available here advance sale